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  • A New Spin on an Old Concept

    Hi folks,

    This topic has been covered before.  Both in class, but also on blogs.  I actually remember a week where AJ talked about this to every class he had.  First, the concept: no one should have to finish the workout alone.

    This is a concept we know, and most of us like to think we adhere to.  It’s one of the main things that separates CrossFit from other forms of exercise.  We like the group atmosphere; the team feel.  Some of us may not care about this, and others may feel indifferent.  So to give you a different spin, this reminds me a lot of my first year of college soccer.

    Most of you may (or may not because I don’t talk about it much) know that I played division 1 soccer for 4 years.  When I first got to college and started practicing, I was nervous as hell.  It’s way different then high school.  And it doesn’t matter if you were good in high school or not, when you an 18 year old kid stepping onto the field with guys as old as 25, its a big gap.  It feels like you are in a new country, with a new language, and a new culture completely.  I was fortunate enough to enjoy a lot of success in college, starting from my very first practice as a freshman.  It wasn’t because I was the most skilled or just lucked out.  What made the most difference, and what I’m most grateful for, is that I had one of the seniors pull me aside and make sure I knew what the hell was happening.  I lived at his house, he showed me the town (there’s a lot of one way streets), introduced me to other players, and made sure I knew where my classes were.  This made it so I could just worry about the one thing I felt good at: soccer.

    So let’s apply this to our gym.  We have veterans, rookies, and everything in between.  Many people feel good about working out, but just don’t know a single person.  We have all sorts of new exercises to learn, names, and a system of working out that no one is familiar with.  I don’t think the most important part is to force a rookie to add on weight, I think it’s more important to make them not feel like rookie.  So remember, we all probably had that one person to show us around. Don’t let someone stand there not knowing a single person or wandering where the jump ropes are.  And for god’s sake, if someone is behind the class in a workout, we don’t let them finish alone.


    (PS: Franco if you for some reason read this, thanks man)


  • 10-21-14

    2x 60/20
    KB Swing 53/35
    Quick D-Ball Twists
    Wall Ball
    Mt Climbers

    -Rest 3 min

    3x 30/30
    KB Swing 53/35
    Quick D-Ball Twists 20/10
    Wall Ball
    Mt Climbers

  • 10-20-14

    Cole Squat1RM Back Squat
    1×6 @55%
    1×4 @65%
    1×2 @75%
    6×1 Find 1RM

  • 10-19-14

    BarryComplete w/ partner:
    1-8 push up ladder
    Run oasis w/ one med ball
    150 seated bb strict press
    Run oasis w/ no med ball
    1-8 push up ladder
    Farmer carry oasis w/ one set of kb
    150 single leg box squats
    Run oasis w/ one med ball
    1-8 push up ladder

  • 10-18-14

    jeffRound 1-
    3 sets
    25 sec Ali Shuffle
    10x Diamond Push Ups
    30x Quick D-Ball Twists (ea sd)

    Round 2-
    3 sets
    20 sec Speed Jump Rope
    8x KB Snatch 44/26 (ea sd)
    10x Ring Row

    Round 3-
    Shuttle Run
    8x Plate GtoOH 45/35
    30x Mt Climbers (ea sd)

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