The Premier Training Facility in Orange County CrossFit Brea is a strength and conditioning facility that breeds success through fundamental fitness principals, hard-work, and a team environment.
One of the Original CrossFit Facilities in North Orange County Our facility is over 6,500 square feet and is built of sweat and dedication. When you decide to walk through our doors you should come ready to work.
Challenge yourself to change yourself CrossFit Brea is not a typical gym. It is a community of support, education, and encouragement that will help you achieve your fitness goals.
More than a gym, we are a community! By surrounding yourself with a community of friends and like-minded individuals who will encourage, motivate and hold you accountable, you will achieve your fitness goals.
Knowledgeable & Supportive Staff Let our staff educate you on diet, technique and recovery methods.
Class Times CrossFit Brea offers fifty-nine classes weekly and is open seven days. Come spend one hour with us and see what getting in shape is all about.
  • Seminar Spots

    Hi Folks,

    Only a couple spots left in both of my seminars.  If you are interested in attending, please email me at  There are a couple spots left in both the level 1 and the level 2 seminars.  The Level one is this weekend so only a couple days left to sign up.  It runs from 12:30 to 3:30 both days, and there is an option to get there early at 11 if you’d like to watch some heavier lifts be performed by myself and my staff.  The seminar is for all levels, whether you feel completely uncomfortable with the lifts or you feel confident.  Don’t hesitate to email me for more details.


  • Summer Party 2014


    We appreciate everyone that came out for the annual Summer Party this past Saturday! We really enjoyed seeing everyone, it was an awesome turnout. We love our CFB/CFW/Virtus community, thank you for sharing another day full of great memories! You are all truly amazing and hope you enjoyed yourselves and had as much fun as we did!

    Thank You so much!

    -CFB Coaching Staff

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    SMR PRTY 2014-1

  • Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

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  • REMINDER: No Class this Sunday, July 27th!

    9 AM class heading out on a med ball run.

    9 AM class heading out on a med ball run.


    FLRs are fun.

    FLRs are fun.

    8 AM finishing the run strong.

    8 AM finishing the run strong.

  • Passing it On

    One of the things that is so depressing these days has been the increase in childhood obesity. I think I can say that we all build habits in youth that become lifestyles in adulthood. For those of us lucky enough to have had parents that encouraged physical activity and healthy habits, we reap the benefits now as we have been programmed to keep ourselves relatively fit. For others, who perhaps had parents that were less likely to lock them out of the house for mandatory play time, it can be more challenging to amend our inherent sedentary life habits. But good news, if you’re a member here, you’re right on track.

    Now I encourage you to go out and spread the good news. I’m not talking about becoming that person at work that uses the break room as a chance to flaunt their personal achievements (though if that’s your thing, party on). I mean influencing those around us to be more active: especially kids. Kids are amazing in that they have no filter and live very much in the moment. They may hate you for pulling them off your tablet or away from their video games, but once you get them going on something a little more physical, they’ll soon forget why they were giving you tude because of the fact that they are having real, physical, tactile fun. Now this might require some extra supervision on your part, but hopefully they were getting that anyway. I realize that its easy to say this stuff, and that their are times when you just want to be able to relax and watch cartoons. But remember, your example is going to be followed, good and bad alike. So don’t shy away from the physical play. And if you’re thinking that there’s just not much to do around the house, well here’s a link to some creative ideas, with a listing of the calories that will be burned in the process.

    So, continue to do what you do, and help instill positive habits in the next generation. They will appreciate it, if not in the moment, when they get old enough to realize what an enormous gift it really is.


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