The Premier Training Facility in Orange County CrossFit Brea is a strength and conditioning facility that breeds success through fundamental fitness principals, hard-work, and a team environment.
One of the Original CrossFit Facilities in North Orange County Our facility is over 6,500 square feet and is built of sweat and dedication. When you decide to walk through our doors you should come ready to work.
Challenge yourself to change yourself CrossFit Brea is not a typical gym. It is a community of support, education, and encouragement that will help you achieve your fitness goals.
More than a gym, we are a community! By surrounding yourself with a community of friends and like-minded individuals who will encourage, motivate and hold you accountable, you will achieve your fitness goals.
Knowledgeable & Supportive Staff Let our staff educate you on diet, technique and recovery methods.
Class Times CrossFit Brea offers fifty-nine classes weekly and is open seven days. Come spend one hour with us and see what getting in shape is all about.
  • Training

    Before you come in to the gym, I recommend that you set your mind to train. Regardless of what is on the board for the day, your mentality should be to train to become better than yesterday (also realize that rest / recovery is all part of training).

    We can plan ahead and reflect on the past, but you can only change how things are progressing within the present time. If you want to quite smoking, stop smoking presently consistently till a week, a month, a year passes. You have power and control of your present decisions.

    Setting goals for yourself will also encourage you to gravitate towards them. Whether you are successful or not, you will get closer to said goal and transition to another one. Set goals to keep you moving in the direction of “the bigger picture.”

    Live life in the present. One day at a time. -Tim




  • Weightlifting Seminars

    Hi folks,

    We have nailed down some dates for weightlifting seminars.  Be on the look out for an email in the next day or two.  A level 1 seminar will be on August 2nd and 3rd, and a level 2 seminar will be on August 16th and 17th.  These seminars can accommodate all skill levels, and will help you become more confident and comfortable with your olympic lifts.  If you are interested or have any questions, please email for more details.  Hope to see you guys there, register soon as spots fill up quick and attendance will be capped!


  • 1RM Front Squat

    carol721 Shea721 carlos721

  • GOT GRIP??

    3 girls barryTorrresWILL

  • Cool Down. Seriously.

    Hey guys, just a quick note in regards to our recent workouts. I know this week we have hit some pretty intense points during the classes, really revving up the engines so to speak. We know its important to warm up, gradually raising the body’s level of activity until we can safely push our limits during the workout. But often we forget that it is just as important to ensure that we gradually lower our heart rates and activity level. Just like with a car, when you drop from your highest gear into first it will jack up the clutch or transmission. The same is true for your body. After a workout like the one today, give yourself a few minutes of walking, easy rowing, light airdyne, or whatever floats your boat in order to bring down your activity level gradually. Your  body will be better off for it.


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